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CNVRT Launches GovBiz, Government Market Sales and Marketing Services for Building Materials Companies

New Service Provides Customized Solutions for Companies Targeting Government Work

Publish Date: Thursday, June 17, 2021

BALTIMORE, MD (June 17, 2021) – CNVRT, a sales and marketing consulting firm focused exclusively on the building and construction industry, is enabling building materials companies to successfully gain access and win work in government markets with the launch of GovBiz. GovBiz provides customizable, measurable services and solutions to building materials companies seeking to successfully get their products specified for construction projects in government markets.

“The competition for government work is fierce, and getting products specified for these jobs can lead to steady profit and even long-term partnerships with buyers in the government construction sector,” said Vince Scarfo, CEO at CNVRT. “GovBiz was founded by professionals in the building materials space with extensive expertise working in government markets, including purchasing building materials. The GovBiz team is comprised of specialists with a deep understanding of the market from both sides of the fence.”

GovBiz works directly with building materials company leadership teams in a consultative role to ensure strategies for pursuing government work are sound and aligned with corporate objectives. GovBiz performs a comprehensive audit and assessment of current sales and channel processes to get a baseline understanding of the present state of the company. This informs how to best optimize go-forward recommendations, strategies, and processes for government pursuits.

“GovBiz performs all of the upfront work necessary to validate recommended initiatives prior to execution,” added Scarfo. “Our goal is to minimize risk and maximize a building materials company’s success in the government space, and we have some of the best minds in the industry to accomplish that for our clients.”

GovBiz will take a client’s existing tools and technology such as its CRM, website, sales processes, and lead scoring and tracking and implement government pursuit recommendations and capabilities directly into a company’s existing workflow.

“The goal of GovBiz is to seamlessly incorporate customized tactics and training to allow clients to successfully penetrate government markets and stay there,” added Scarfo. “The service is designed to take a client’s market reach and profitability to the next level. When that happens, it’s a true, tangible indicator of success.”

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