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CNVRT Launches Yellow Hat, Delivering Customized Sales and Marketing Training Platform to Building Materials Companies

New Offering Primes Sales, Marketing Teams to Collaborate for Organizational Success

Publish Date: Thursday, April 08, 2021

CNVRT, a sales and marketing consulting firm focused exclusively on the building and construction industry, is empowering sales and marketing teams at building materials companies to more readily collaborate across their disciplines with the launch of Yellow Hat. CNVRT will deliver its existing building materials training solutions through Yellow Hat, the company’s new integrated, customizable training platform. Yellow Hat focuses on bridging the gap between sales and marketing professionals within an organization, creating synergies that align with overall company objectives and a sustainable business development program primed to move the organization forward.

“Building materials companies are in a business climate that has changed radically over the pasts several years. The days of cold calls are long gone, marketing has a larger role in the sales journey, and distance selling and trusted advisement are rapidly becoming the new normal,” said Vince Scarfo, CEO at CNVRT. “Yellow Hat’s services go from A to Z, providing completely customizable training for new sales members or company-wide retraining where necessary. And Yellow Hat focuses on mining data to inform go-forward strategies.”

Yellow Hat is a building industry training solution using the latest distance and in-person cognitive learning strategies, delivered via curriculum that covers all aspects of building materials internal and external sales and marketing training. Its offerings include assessment, training resources, identification of marketing metrics, an audit of company and project pursuits, analytics usage, trusted advisement, document understanding, CRM platforms, and materials and building science training.

Through Yellow Hat, industry experts at CNVRT perform an assessment of how the organization currently operates, identifying areas for improvement and providing recommendations. The CNVRT team also implements the recommended changes, trains team members, and ensures success through a variety of stages, including transitions, new resource onboarding, and continued training and performance measurement after new processes are in place.

“Companies who utilize Yellow Hat have access to some of the best minds in the industry,” Scarfo noted. “CNVRT is comprised of a deep bench of industry experts with a variety of experiences and knowledge, which allows us to deliver flexible solutions that make the most sense for each individual client of ours.”

In partnership with VantEdge E-Learning, a North American leader in cutting edge training solutions utilizing technology and proven cognitive learning techniques, Yellow Hat includes cognitive training seminars, in-person training alongside sales teams in the field, and virtual sessions, including the industry’s latest learning management system (LMS) technology.

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CNVRT is a full-service, fully integrated sales consultancy focused exclusively on the building and construction sector. Comprised of industry-leading experts, CNVRT partners with building materials manufacturers to ensure marketing strategies are seamlessly aligned with realistic sales and channel partner objectives. CNVRT services also include sales training (Yellow Hat), consulting specific to government markets (GovBiz), as well as a soon-to-be launched CRM service. CNVRT uses data to help companies implement best practices so that sales and marketing are working as one integrated unit and are aligned with overall company objectives. By achieving this synergy, CNVRT empowers its partners to maximize revenue, minimize costs, and secure a competitive advantage in the marketplace. For more information, visit



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