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Culpeper Wood Preservers Delivers Longevity, Versatility with Culpeper Column PLUS

Lighter, More Durable Timber Columns Ideal for Outdoor Applications

Publish Date: Tuesday, June 18, 2024

CULPEPER, VA (June 18, 2024)Culpeper Wood Preservers, a leading manufacturer of pressure-treated lumber, is setting a new standard for durability and aesthetics with the launch of Culpeper Column PLUS. Column PLUS is a hollow 6x6 laminated column made from southern yellow pine that is lighter weight, easier to handle, stronger, and less likely to twist and crack compared to traditional solid wood columns.

The new Column PLUS is designed for applications such as porch columns, decking, and load-bearing roofs. In terms of aesthetics, Column PLUS can be painted, stained, or customized to achieve a variety of looks and serves as a real-wood alternative to PVC, fiberglass, or aluminum columns.

“A key design feature of Column PLUS is its hollow construction that allows users to run wiring through the interior for junction boxes, outdoor lights, speakers, and more,” said Jonathan Jenkins, president at Culpeper Wood Preservers. “This gives homeowners a lot more flexibility for a cleaner appearance while still being able to have all of the extra outdoor elements they enjoy.”

Column PLUS is made with high-grade southern yellow pine for a cleaner appearance and enhanced structure. It is kiln-dried after treatment and then formed with glue, which makes it much less likely to move when properly installed.

Compared to traditional wood columns, Column PLUS is highly moisture resistant and is treated to a higher retention level. Columns are treated to 0.23 for UC4B ground contact (compared to 0.15 of standard columns) for heavier retention and added longevity once installed in the substrate. In addition, the columns possess greater load-carrying capacity than solid timbers and boast strength ratings that outperform both composite and PVC options.

To ensure optimal performance and durability of the columns, they must be stored and kept dry prior to and during installation. Column PLUS must be primed and painted or stained immediately after installation to preserve the appearance and maintain structural integrity.

Column PLUS is available at all Culpeper locations.

To learn more about Column PLUS, visit: https://www.culpeperwood.com/products2/culpeper-columns/

About Culpeper Wood Preservers:

Culpeper Wood Preservers is one of the largest producers of pressure treated lumber in the United States. In 1976, Culpeper Wood Preservers started from a single location in Culpeper, VA. Today, the company is a leading manufacturer of pressure treated products for the residential, commercial, industrial, and marine markets. Culpeper Wood Preservers’ brand name products are sold exclusively through independent lumber dealers throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Midwest, and South.